Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Truth About Hauntings

It's not friendly Casperesque spirits behind these things.

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  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for the video and I was surprised to hear this story because I have had many encounters with ghosts in my lifetime. I am a little like the child in the show the Sixth Sense. I cannot explain it any other way. I have been around what I call evil ghosts and around what I call lost ghosts. The evil ones can be very scarey if you let them, but as I had gotten older I would become more defiant with them and so I rarely have to deal with them anymore. Mostly I just have lost ghosts and sometimes what I even feel are good ghosts, I am not sure if it is because they are really angels fighting the bad ghosts or leading the way to show the losts ghosts where to go. I never seek out the ghosts but they find me. There are about nine of them who still live in my house currently, at one time I had about 15, but the nine left are all here because they feel safe. I could go into the story about them but I will save that for another time. And the funny thing is that no one thinks I am crazy, they all really believe I see the ghosts and some have tried to seek me out to find their ghosts, I will not do it. I have enough of my own and that is enough. I have never understood this ability, I just know that I have it, my daughters have it, my granddaughters have it, but the grandsons do not seem to have it. We have all learned to accept this ability and it makes life so much easier. I could tell you the stories someday, but not until my shoulder heals and I can type like I used to without any pain. I have missed by Physical Therapy this past week and an half due to a bad allergy attack and it's causes ashtma attacks also. I am not sure if you read that in July I had major shoulder surgery and so I am recovering and that is why my site is on a break. I might be able to come back on in a week or two, but typing does get to me. Right now my lips are swelled up like balloons and my eyelids are also swelled up, I have allergic hives all over my face and then the asthma problems. But I just wanted to welcome you into bloggy world and to let you know that you can find friends that you might find they have similiar beliefs. It is nice to do that. Leave them comments and say that you met them through my website and then they will usually reciprocate back to you in kindness. Just be careful of the spammers, I got hit by the spammers and then I am trying to clear them up. That is why we always say where we found your site to each other because then 99% of the time it shows you are not a spammer.

    Well take care and God Bless,
    And God bless all the people who went to the 9-12 projects this weekend. May their work continue, and may God please protect Glenn Beck from the evil people who want to destroy him. The American People need him right now. I ask that you please open the minds of the uniformed believers to see the truth that is coming out of his heart and soul on his show. Thank you dear lord for all that you do and blessed be the blessed. God bless in the name of the son and the holy spirit, Amen.