Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Old Lady And The Atheist

There was this very righteous old lady who lived next door to an atheist.

Every morning she would come out on her front porch and sing and praise God.

As you can imagine, this did not sit very well with the atheist, who was always thinking of things to prove the foolishness of her belief in God. Each morning he would yell across the fence for her to stop her nonsense and to tell her there is no God.

Then one day the old lady fell on some hard times and it didn't look like she would have any money for groceries. That morning when she was on her front porch she cried out to the Lord to deliver her and provide some relief.

The atheist neighbor heard it and thought his opportunity to prove to her that there is no God had finally arrived.

He went to the store and the next morning there were bags and bags of groceries on her porch.

The old lady came out, saw the groceries, and proceeded to jump up and down praising God.

At that moment, the atheist jumped out from around the corner of the house and said, "See, I told you there was no God. It was I who bought those groceries."

When the old lady heard that she commenced to jump up and down again, sing praises to God, and worshipped the Lord like never before, leaving the atheist dumbfounded.

Finally the old lady says........."God is great and he has supplied all my needs....and he even made the devil pay for it."

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