Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spiritual Attack

I think I am in the midst of a spiritual attack.

The enemy is coming after me since I made the commitment to teach Sunday school.

Right off the bat, the first day I taught, there was an incident with another member of the church that wasn't pleasant, but we talked about it and everything is all right now.

The future of my new job that I need so badly, that started out so well, is now on some shaky ground.

And today, well today was just awful.

Woke up in a very foul mood, my car wouldn't start, the washing machine broke down, and my loved ones are having some problems as well.

But God is great, and the devil is all ready defeated.

Whatever Satan brings, the Lord will be my defender.

If any of my brothers and sisters out there get a chance to read this, all prayers will be greatly appreciate.

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